Alice has reported on sophisticated medical and business news in the health care field. Her reporting on the Illinois Health Facilities Planning board led to the indictment of a high-level official, and abolishment and replacement of the planning board.

The Columbus hospital building boom.

Kidney transplant series:

Part 1– Sisters worry
Part 2 – The drain of dialysis
Part 3 – Transplant day
Part 4 – Thanksgiving

Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board:

The coverage and aftermath
Hospitals left saying ‘Huh?’
Board may be abolished
Board swept clean
Phil Kadner’s column on Alice’s coverage
Sunday analysis piece

An innovative partnership helps doctors and doctors’ offices in North Texas become more receptive to electronic medical records (also called electronic patient records or electronic charts) by first giving them technology to streamline their office management and billing systems. This gives them enough breathing room to take the time needed to convert to computerized patient records. Read electronic medical records article here.

Profile of Army hospital executive for Modern Healthcare.