Alice Hohl is currently the co-chair of The Leave No Child Inside Central Ohio Collaborative. This is a network of more than 75 member organizations and individuals working together to encourage children and families to play outside in nature. Unstructured outdoor play makes children happier, healthier and smarter!  
Alice Hohl has been a long-time volunteer and leader at Camp Fire USA. She is currently a member of two committees at the Central Ohio Council of Camp Fire. She meets with executives and other volunteers to help direct summer camp at Camp Wyandot and to optimize marketing efforts.

Camp Fire USA is most well-known for its beginnings as Camp Fire Girls, but the organization has evolved dynamically since those early beginnings. The Central Ohio Council is working toward a goal of hosting 10,000 children at its resident camp by the year 2010, to increase the exposure of urban children to the healing power of nature.

Alice is a past president of the Board of Directors of Camp Fire USA’s Metropolitan Chicago Council.
The Metro Chicago Council serves boys and girls through self-reliance classes that teach inner-city and Spanish-speaking youth the personal skills needed to make the most of their education and opportunities and to resist drugs and gangs. The council also sponsors a day camp providing enriching summer activities for at-risk youth. Its traditional club programs are also going strong, excluding against no child, and providing activities grounded in solid childhood development research begun by some of the most famous social thinkers of our time.