“It’s always a pleasure to work with Alice. Her copy comes in clean, well written — and on deadline.”
David May, assistant managing editor/features, Modern Healthcare magazine, Chicago

“Alice Hohl pursues stories with a determination and a resolve few reporters can match. I’ve always admired her ability to think critically and size up what’s not right about a situation. And she’s fearless, whether diving into Lake Michigan to follow a marathon swimmer in pursuit of a story or standing up to corrupt powerbrokers manipulating a state agency. And she’s a hell of a writer, too.”
Dennis Robaugh, Daily Southtown, managing editor

“I’ve worked with Alice Hohl since 1998, and rarely have I encountered a journalist with her tenacity and intellectual curiosity, yet also with the talent to craft articles that are a pleasure to read. Alice represents a combination of the best components of good, solid journalism.”
Jim Leonardo, Assistant News Publications Editor, Plastic Surgery News,  American Society of Plastic Surgeons

“Alice motivated myself and all of her students to research a story until all elements were addressed.  Her teaching technique was very hands on due to her expertise in the field of Internet Research.  I approached my first job confident of my ability to thoroughly research all assigned stories after taking her Internet Strategy class.  My fellow classmates and I affectionately dubbed Alice the “Google Master” … her knowledge and skills are remarkable!”
Mika Stambaugh, field producer, WBBM-TV, Chicago

Alice has the ability to quickly assess any situation and immediately apply her energy and intellect in the most strategic way possible. Whether the need is for someone to teach inner-city kids the fine points of cooking over a campfire, or whether the need is to “work a room” filled with funders and supporters, Alice is ready, willing, and able to leverage her formidable talents for the greatest good.
Jean Lachowicz, executive director, Camp Fire USA, Metro Chicago Council