Alice’s recent clients include:

Events Plus Racing:

This is a web site for a Columbus-based endurance sports company. The site includes detailed information about each race, an attractive header, placement of logo, links to register for the events, site search, Facebook Like button, email newsletter signup, working forms and more.

This is a website created for the statewide level of Ohio’s Leave No Child Inside movement. The site includes many links, resources, video, outbound links to local and regional sites, multiple users authorized to edit their sections of the site, and an online forum for movement leaders.

This is a small business website for a company in Central Ohio that customizes garden stones and terra cotta plant pots with words and images for gifts. The site contains photo galleries, a tool to make enlarging the images simple, without interfering with navigation, as well as online ordering of a complex, customized item. Online payment is enabled.

Content Management Systems

Alice’s facility and expertise using open-source content management systems allows her to design high-quality sites for local small businesses at a fraction of the cost of a typical design firm. These CMS (content management systems) sites offer many advantages:

  • The underlying function of the site is provided by free programming, constantly being improved by a community of programmers and augmented by robust add-ons, such as WordPress plug-ins, PayPal integrations and more.
  • The CMS (content management system) itself is free of charge, leaving the customer the freedom to spend even a modest Web budget on design and training instead of programming and software.
  • The CMS (content management system) can be accessed from any Internet computer, meaning Alice or the customer can make changes to their site easily at any time.
  • There are many CMSs (content management systems) available for different uses and to meet different needs. Some of Alice’s favorites are WordPress and DotNetNuke (DNN). She can also work with ZenCart and Drupal.
  • Content Management Systems keep the look of the site (fonts, background colors, table formatting) separate from the content of the site (words and images) which allows the customer to decide at a later time they would like to change the look of their site. The appearance can be changed without moving, copying or redoing any of the words, images, shopping cart features, etc.

Alice is also familiar with typical HTML programming, and owns Dreamweaver and Photoshop, which allow her to more efficiently work on Web sites, even those that can bypass most of the need for these programs via the CMS.